How to stop annoying pop-up ads after installing Corel VideoStudio X10

  • OS: Windows 7 Professional
  • Software: Corel VideoStudio X10
  • Issue: Adds pop up in lower right hand corner of screen


I bought a copy of VideoStudio earlier this year so I could start editing some videos I’m working on. Well, recently I’ve been getting hit with pop up advertisements related to various Corel products.

It was surprising at first because the ads are being displayed by Windows (I have not seen ads within VideoStudio itself).

I’m sure I’ve used hundreds of commercial software programs over the past couple of decades and yet I cannot recall having this particular problem (at least they are creative). But I paid for the license, so why does this keep happening?

And happening…

Well, it would appear that a task named “CorelUpdateHelperTaskCore” was created in the Windows Task Scheduler. The task runs an executable named CUH.exe every day at 8:44 PM.

That’s nice. It runs an executable file. Every day. At 8:44.

Procedure to stop pop-ups

These instructions are for Windows 7, but Windows 10 also uses the Task Scheduler, so I’m sure the procedure would be similar in Windows 10.

  • Hit Windows key
  • Type “Task Scheduler”
  • Press Enter
  • When the Task Scheduler opens, click on “Task Scheduler (Local)” on the left
  • Under “Active Tasks” in the bottom-middle of the screen, double-click on the task “CorelUpdateHelperTaskCore”
  • Under “Actions” on the right, click “Disable”
  • If there are any other active tasks that have the name “Corel” in them, you might want to disable those as well. Or delete them.
  • Enjoy a life free of Corel pop-ups (maybe)

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  1. Thanks, much appreciated. I use and like my Corel products, but this Doller Store approach to marketing was driving me crazy and making me regret buying Corel.

  2. Thanks, this issue still remains in 2022. After unchecking their “message preference” boxes as they suggest themselves, these annoyingly intrusive popups still remain. Guess their aggressive approach really works for them. Classic dark pattern, no?

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